ELECTION and PAPER ? PatriotisM?


The Election Season is come again, and before ‘Malaysians’ make their choice n vote… the ‘Hot’ SeasOn start with almost 2 weeks of campaign period. While some of ‘intelligence’ and ‘educated’ candidate use a very strong and colourful banner , paper , plywood , plastic… But why didn’t anyone notice and urge to SAVE THE FOREST / JUNGLE SAVE THE WORLD… there are so many paper , plastic , woods and etc used to run their campaign… Not just here in Malaysia… but every nations in this world…

Love our Earth… why am i mumbling about this GreenPeace Messages … read this…

Paper comes from trees – and lots of them. The logging industry is huge and the process to get that paper to the grocery store is long and environmentally taxing. First, the trees are found, marked and felled. Machinery is then used to remove the logs from the forest floor- whether it by logging trucks or, in more remote areas, helicopters.

Machinery requires fossil fuel and roads (which destroys habitat) thereby creating stress on the forests’ inhabitants (Even logging a small area has a large impact on the entire ecological chain in surrounding areas).

Trees must dry at least three years before they can be used. Machinery is used to strip the bark, which is then chipped into one-inch squares and cooked under tremendous heat and pressure. This wood stew is then “digested” with a limestone and sulphurous acid for eight hours. The steam and moisture is vented to the outside atmosphere, and the original wood becomes pulp. It takes approximately three tons of wood chips to make one ton of pulp.

The pulp is then washed and bleached, both stages requiring thousands of gallons of clean water. Coloring is added to more water, and is then combined in a ratio of 1 part pulp to 400 parts water to make paper. The pulp/water mixture is dumped into a web of bronze wires, the water showers through, leaving the pulp, which, in turn, is rolled into paper.

Whew! And that’s just to make the paper. We must include all of the chemicals, electricity, and fossil fuels used in the shipment of this raw material and in the production and shipment of a finished paper … CAN’T YOU SEE…

Not blaming anyone actually… but… this is the truth…
this message is not for Election season only , but for our lifetime… paperless please… use our nature resources wisely….



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