Aku dan Kad Kredit ?

Credit Cards ? Why should i have one of those ? Or maybe it is a must in this new millenium .They said ~ It is a good idea to have a card rather than a lot of cash in your wallet . There is a lot of example i can list out here, but one example that i assume we Malaysian know much… buying air ticket online . There is a pro and con to have your own credit card…But first thing first , if you really need it or want it …what type of credit cards suit you best ? Comparecards can help you to compare and choose the best credit cards for you.

Research…Compare and Apply…

I switched credit card because i found a better interest rate at Comparecards. Compare Credit Cards before you make up your mind , and i think all of us will try to find a Low Interest Credit Cards , but don’t take anything for granted., do your own research and homework. At comparecards.com

Don’t be fool with such offers… learn and know about it by checking it online at comparecards.com. You can compare credit cards by category , credit quality , brand and issuer. There is also a guide that we should know before having your own credit card Or maybe you are already a credit card user but still you don’t know some of the common credit card terms , then you should learn about it. Research , compare credit cards that benefit you and apply for it.

I know that some of the cards they mention such as Household bank Credit Cards and AMEX Corporate Credit Cards is not available in Malaysia, but at least you can learn something about credit cards. Me myself are looking forward to have another one . I need it to withdraw some of dollar that i earn online ( ouch… why am i telling this)… Although it’s not a real like Gold Credit Cards… Prepaid Credit Cards will do the same trick…

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