my New YEar Eve

It’s new year eve and i’m not going out to no where. Home is the best place to celebrate new year …yeah! While i’m on my way back from office , i can see a lot of people already hang out at the beach , Teluk Likas.Likas Public Park ( Taman Awam Likas) is pack with people and some of them already in the water while others stay under their tent. 
it’s around 7pm when i’m pass by so that park is shine by a lamps , beautiful lamps… somehow i think this place can be a romantic place for ‘Romeo and Juliet’… with the sound of waves and breeze from the sea splashing against thesandy beach , lights like sparkling star from a far…Romantic aite ?
When i reach home , i wonder what to do on my new year eve… after a while , when i check on my list ( yup , i have a list of things to do each and everyday, just in case i might forget it, but yet still i’m forgeting things…d@mn!) i must clean and re-arrange things (table,computer,bed,cupboard, cloth, books and so on so on). it’s like a new start for me , new beginning for the new year.
After my room look tidy and comfortable , i turn on my desk lamp , but there is no light. Oh, no ! i love to write down all of my ideas for writing or drawing under my lovely desk lamp.I know i still can turn on my room lamp , but that will not work out… i just want to focus writing or drawing on my table. It’s give me a good vibe and mood to write when i’m near the light in the dark…err… got me?
Anyway , i need to buy a new desk lamp. Stumble upon a on the net while looking for a lowest price of lamps. There is a widerange of styles and design of lamps and lamp shades from dozens of top manufacturers. When there is so much lamps to choose , i’m wondering, can i get it all? hahaha…. Where should i put it? i’ll buy one before Chinese New Year…
the clock is ticking , and yet not reach 0000am , i need to go down now. i’m hungry ! will find something to eat while watching live telecast of new year countdown… want to see the firework
Happy New YEar !  

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