Aku Punya Honda CRV 2008…… punya cerita

Wah… today is officially a wet day! Raining since early morning untill tonight , although it’s not a heavy rain and sometimes there is no rain , but the sky is overcast… gloomy. When i woke up this morning and chechk my mail inbox , i’m suprise to see that i have a task to do… i’m almost forget about it..LOL…I have a task from thecarconnection.com to write a review about Honda CRV 2008. First thing that pop in my head is ” wow! Honda CRV…awesome!”. It’s will be  a great review because CRV 2008 is available here in Malaysia , and i have some experience with CRV , not 2008 version but if i’m not mistaken 97 / 98 version.

I’m not going to write a full details on my Honda CRV reviews , because i’m not an expert in car technologies… if you want to know more then just go to thecarconnection and read their review and info about this , they are not just make a review about 2008 Honda CRV but another car too.
What is so different with CRV 2008 ? One big thing that we can notice is the rear side of this vehicle.”The redesigned aesthetics of the Honda CR-V are engineered as much to please the eye as to cut cleanly and efficiently through the air. A sharply-raked windscreen, flat undercarriage and smooth lines give it a slippery profile on the road”~ Honda. The design of this new CRV embrace the tension between creativity and manufacturing discipline; the inspirational opposites of technical vision and creative enthusiasm. But , not everyone like this new shape , they prefer to have an older version with a sharp edge and not this round and weird look kind.

This 2008 Honda CRV reviews will not complete without any information about the engine and the capability of this CRV 08. This car is not using V6 engine although it is use widely by another competitor. With a four cylinder engine / i-VTEC ,  “It gives excellent torque output over the entire engine speed range for an exciting surge of power, like a giant hand pushing you towards the horizon, delivered with confidence and control.~Honda ” . One thing that i like most when i read others review and comment is the quiet and comfort when you are driving this car. Better mileage and fuel efficient are also make this SUV worth for your penny.
The interior design ? Yup, as i’d mention , this car offer a comfort and ergonomic layout. More space for you leg and head.aaaa… I wish that i could have one … need to work xtra hour to earn more… hahaha

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