HAri Hari Kirim POS! Tengok!

When i’d move to our new house , one thing that i want to try and test is to send a letter or packages to our mailbox at home. Will Mr.Postman really come and put it into my mailbox , although i already knew that our housing area is far far away… ahaks , not so far like a thousand miles but it’s far from Kota Kinabalu.15 to 20 minutes by a car , but with no traffic jam. Why i want to do that ?i just want to know how many days  will they take to send it back to me… any different of sending period between residential mailboxes and Commercial Mailbox ? And want to see my mailbox are always full with something and not empty… hahaha. So guys , if you want to send something to me… a lil present for this comin holiday , you are welcome and thanks in advance…ahaks.. this is another task for me to complete…

Our mailbox is fix. It’s not a Commercial Mail Boxes .Fix because it’s just a hole in a cement wall near the main gate in front of my house. It is OKAY , but would’nt it be nice if my mailbox is different , beautiful , cute and sexy… ( duh ! it’s about a girl or mailbox ? hahaha ). Ok..ok… there is a time when we watch drama series or movie , did you ever notice their house , their mailbox stand firm in front of their house. I still can’t find something like that here. Erm… i must have one… so i can just walk in my pyjamas in early morning to take my newspaper or just check my mailbox. It’s sexy…hahahah, but don’t just look for the sexiness… Quality is important too!… err…i’m talking about the mailbox…
Do you have any mailbox at post office ? if i’m not mistaken you keep your own mailbox key … right? There is a different style of Commercial Mailboxes , but i really want to know if there is any different design of mailboxes that we have other than post office mailboxes. If you want to see a different style of mailboxes you can go to this website MAILBOXIXCHANGE . Grab some idea or ask their pro opinion.

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