Life is like A Poker ?

Life is like a poker ? in what way? hahaha, maybe the gamble part. We are gambling our life , for each and every day. But !…yup , there is a but a gambler we must have a good strategy , better plan and know when to take a risk or pull out. 2009 is coming , and yet there is a Christmas before the New Year . Why am i doing this post ? to make a review about poker ? hahaha… i don’t have any experience playing it, but why not make an introduction ( by the way , still can play~ kampung kampung style). Here you are check this out PokerStars Marketing Code . 
There is so many way , rules , types of poker. Maybe you can tell me which one is the easiest to play…and to win… hehehe. Playing poker online? or should i say.. bet online. Hmmm , you must take a risk to win big money , if you have a good playing skill you should try this. Addicted to it? it’s an online game , so you can stop anytime. Pokerstars online poker room offering a Poker Stars Bonus Code and PokerStars Bonus . It’s as an incentive for the player. 
Since 2001 , PokerStars started this Poker Online game and it’s poker room is the largest nowaday. A huge number of player , so a big number of opportunity. All what you have to do is just playing with a good strategy and hoping for a better luck. hahaha… Win big money for this festive season !

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